also: protesters dispersed,

19 police injured, 9 stayed at hospital to receive further treatment. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, told reporters Friday that 200 police entered the compound of al-Aksa Mosque but denies allegations that they entered the mosque itself while prayers were going on. Rosenfeld claims that police only reacted at end of prayers when they were confronted by a bombardment of stones by youth. He added that the afternoon prayers incited the violence, which broke out directly afterwards. Up to 150 youth were inside the mosque. There was a dialogue between Jerusalem District Police and the representatives of the Muslim community and the youth were eventually dispersed." Rosenfeld claimed that police only used batons and stun grenades to disperse protesters and denies use of rubber bullets in the clashes. Rosenfeld said that the Temple Mount violence was "unnecessary and a shame." He added that police have stepped back but are prepared to deal with any future disturbances to the peace. Arabs continue to protest in Tulkaram, Nazareth, Janin and at the entry point Kalandia crossing.