Alperon's son: We will never forgive, God will avenge his blood

"We will never forgive, God will avenge his blood," said one of slain crime boss Ya'acov Alperon's sons during his father's funeral on Tuesday. "We will find the man who did this. I'll send this man to God. He won't have a grave because I'll cut off his arms, his head, and his legs." Thousands attended Alperon's funeral, who was assassinated in his car in Tel Aviv on Monday. Mourners at the Ra'anana Cemetery included some well-known underworld figures. One of his daughters, in her eulogy, said that her father was always smiling, and that he came to all of his children's school events. "He was a warm and loved father," she said, who looked after his children and his wife, and his death left a hole in their lives.