'Arab Israelis tried to murder student'

Silwan men charged with attempting to murder American studying at HU as he returned to dorms.

Forest 248.88 (photo credit: Jonathan Beck [file])
Forest 248.88
(photo credit: Jonathan Beck [file])
The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office has filed an indictment against three Israeli Arabs accused of attempting to murder an American student at the Hebrew University in February. A fourth man involved in the attack will be charged separately. According to the charge sheet released Tuesday, Ahmed Ouda, 28, Fathi Zeytun, 18, and Rabiya Jit, 21, all residents of the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, along with Osama a-Razak, 19, pounced on the student while he walked through nearby Jerusalem Forest on his way to the campus dorms. The student, who has been studying in Israel for 11 months, told police his attackers tried to slash his throat several times while beating him. The four managed to deeply cut the victim's right cheek before fleeing the scene. The student, left alone and bleeding, carried on through the forest for 40 minutes by foot until he reached Dung Gate, where he called for help. He was evacuated to Sha'are Tzedek Hospital for treatment.