Arab paper: Olmert offers Abbas 64% of W. Bank

Says PA can "forget about areas west of fence," makes several offers on J'lem, Asharq Al-Awsat reports.

Olmert Abbas 224.88 (photo credit: GPO [archive])
Olmert Abbas 224.88
(photo credit: GPO [archive])
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has offered the Palestinians 64 percent of the West Bank as part of a future peace agreement, London-based Asharq Al-Awsat reported Wednesday. According to the report, Olmert told PA President Mahmoud Abbas that the Palestinians could "forget about territory west of the security fence." The prime minister also presented Abbas with several offers regarding Jerusalem. One of these would have Israel maintaining control over east Jerusalem and holy sites, but allowing Palestinians to enter those sites. On Tuesday, Shas upped its threat to leave Olmert's government over the Jerusalem issue, with the party's no. 2 - Religious Services Minister Yitzhak Cohen - saying that even "creating an atmosphere" that could lead to Jerusalem's division was a red line for the party.