Army may sue pilot of stray aircraft over Dimona

A senior Air Force officer said Monday night that the cost of the scrambling of fighter jets to the Dimona nuclear plant earlier in the day after an unauthorized aircraft was detected in its airspace was NIS 300,000, and that the air force was considering suing the man for reimbursement. IAF fighter planes scrambled on Monday afternoon after a small plane was detected flying in the direction of the Dimona nuclear reactor. The plane was recognized by the district control unit and was ordered to land in a soccer field in Yeroham. The officer added that the air force was considering suing the pilot, who was flying in a restricted area, and did not take the proper steps to coordinate his flight path with the authorities. Security forces in Israel have the right, by law, to shoot down without prior warning any unidentified aircraft in the Dimona plant air space. Police and army forces interrogated the pilot and released him shortly after.