Asi Abutbul alludes to having information on Yoram Hacham's killers

Suspected mobster Asi Abutbul alluded on Sunday to having information on the killers of his attorney Yoram Hacham, who was assassinated in a Tel Aviv car bombing on Wednesday evening. As Abutbul's trial resumed on Sunday, he cried out in the courtroom that "there are guilty parties in this murder!" Abutbul then asked to speak to the judges in private, a request they refused. However, they did allow the suspected mob lord to speak to them behind closed doors, an offer he initially accepted. However, after the audience left the courtroom, Abutbul appeared to change his mind. Meanwhile, Israel Radio reported that Hacham had dinner with Abutbul's mother at her Netanya home the the night before the murder. Abutbul has been charged with heading a 24-person gang syndicate that extorted money from Israeli and French businessmen.