Barak urges cooperation as Labor officials meet to discuss Cabel dismissal

The Labor secretariat met Sunday to discuss party chairman Ehud Barak's decision to oust Secretary-General Eitan Cabel, with the Labor leader emphasizing the need for cooperation within the party. "We can restore the Labor Party to its natural position at the country's leadership if we know how to work amongst ourselves, even when there are disagreements between us," said Barak. Cabel was among the most vocal opponents of Barak's decision to join the Likud-led government, a decision which was approved at last month's Labor Party conference. The secretary-general had accused Barak of "burying" the Labor Party, and was absent when the Knesset voted to ratify the new government. "Decisions made by our supreme institution - that is the conference - must be accepted," said Barak Sunday," adding that the job of secretary-general was "temporary."