Biker killed by ambulance in Tel Aviv

Biker apparently entered junction after cars pulled over to let ambulance by; crew administers first aid.

motorcycle accident 224  (photo credit: ZAKA)
motorcycle accident 224
(photo credit: ZAKA)
A motorcycle rider was died Thursday eveneing of wounds he sustained earlier when he was hit by an ambulance at LaGuardia Interchange in Tel Aviv. According to a primary investigation of the incident, the ambulance arrived at the junction with his lights flashing and siren sounding. The cars that were ahead of the ambulance got off the road to let it pass, but then the motorcycle arrived, passed the cars that had pulled to the side and drove through the junction, where he was hit by the ambulance. The emergency crew that was inside ambulance administered first aid to the man and meanwhile an intensive care unit was called in. He was the taken to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, where he died of his wounds. "Magen David Adom regrets the accident that happened in emergency conditions," MDA spokesman Yerucham Mandola said. "We will wait for th results of the police investigation and we will cooperate in any way demanded of us" The driver of the ambulance was detained for questioning by police but was released shortly afterwards and his license was returned to him.