Bill: Draft-dodgers must pay for defense

Israel Beiteinu head says those who don't serve in IDF or perform nat'l service should donate 1% of salary toward army.

Lieberman har homa 224.8 (photo credit: AP [file])
Lieberman har homa 224.8
(photo credit: AP [file])
Israelis who do not serve in the army or perform national service could face a fine, according to a bill proposed by Israel Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman Wednesday. "Every citizen of this state must serve the country in some way," Lieberman told students at the University of Haifa. "The citizens of this country should know by now, especially following the recent war with Lebanon, the importance of serving their state." Lieberman added that his bill was not meant to punish any specific sector of society, "although it is widely known that the Israeli Arab sector does not serve the country it lives in." MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List) said that Lieberman was a "Jewish fascist." "Lieberman's political motivations are driven by his hatred of Arabs, and he thrives from encouraging hatred and racism," said Tibi, adding that the Israel Beiteinu Party had proposed a number of bills in recent months meant to punish Israeli Arabs. "He has gone after the Arab MKs and now he has gone after the Israeli Arab sector at large," Tibi said, specifying that Lieberman has pushed several bills that would require Arab MKs to take oaths of allegiance to the state before serving in the Knesset. "It is this behavior that creates a disconnect between the Arabs of this country and the rest of the people here," said Tibi.