Border Police stoned by e. J'lem Arabs

9 policemen lightly wounded by masked, stone-throwing Arab youths.

arabs rocks e jlem 248.88 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
arabs rocks e jlem 248.88
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
Nine Border Police officers were lightly wounded by rocks on Saturday afternoon during disturbance in the southeast Silwan neighborhood, a Jerusalem police spokesman said.
Security personnel who entered the neighborhood around 3 p.m. were met by a band of Arab youths with their faces covered, who began throwing stones at the officers.
Two officers were hurt in that incident and taken to Hadassah University Medical Center on Mount Scopus. When a larger Border Police force entered the neighborhood, they too were met by a hail of rocks. Seven more officers were injured by that attack, although they were treated at the scene.
Additional border policemen arrived and dispersed the rock-throwers with tear gas.
Also on Saturday, an Arab man armed with a sword attacked a borderpolicewoman on Salah al-Din Street, near the Damascus Gate, whileshouting “Allahu akbar!”
The officer was lightly wounded, although not from the sword. Herattacker wrested away her sidearm and tried to shoot her with it.
He was immediately subdued by other officers, and he, along with hisbrother, who police said had attempted to interfere with the man’sarrest, were taken into custody.
After the arrests, police reported rock-throwing on Salah a-Din Street as well.
On Saturday night, a police spokesman said the string of attacks werelikely acts of revenge for a police operation throughout east Jerusalemneighborhoods last week, which was aimed at arresting residents wantedfor various offenses and at issuing fines for tax and constructionviolations that totaled tens of thousands of shekels.