Brothers accused of torturing animals

Agriculture Ministry: Men force-fed thousands of geese counter to cruelty law.

foie gras 298 (photo credit: Courtesy)
foie gras 298
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Two brothers from Moshav Ben-Yakkai were accused Monday of animal abuse caused by regular force-feeding of their commercially grown geese, Army Radio reported. The men had originally requested from the Agriculture Ministry authorization to feed their geese freely, but in reality, they force-fed an average of 2,000 of their fowl per day. Israel outlawed the practice in April 2006 following complaints that it violated the law regarding humane treatment of animals. The brothers are accused of torturing animals, abuse, cruelty and breaking the animal treatment law. Roi Kilger, head of the Agriculture Ministry's supervisory unit, explained that the ministry had discovered the continuous incidents after two Thai workers relayed information and proof that force-feeding was taking place. "The information was submitted in a ministerial prosecution and is now being dealt with," Kilger said. "Anonymous," a non-profit organization which works to protect animal rights said that the move proved that "finally, people are seriously paying attention to every complaint and are becoming decisive in diminishing this cruel phenomenon." Dan Izenberg contributed to this report.