Channel 2 rebuked for biased broadcast

Beinish criticized Channel 2 for segment unfairly slanted against Netanyahu.

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viewing tv 88
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Chairman of the Central Election Committee, Judge Dorit Beinish, rebuked Israeli TV network Channel 2 on Saturday for unfairly slanting a news segment against Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu. In response to a Likud petition, Beinish ruled that the broadcast was biased against Netanyahu and that Channel 2's judgment should have been more moderate. She also ordered Channel 2 to refrain from broadcasting election propaganda, according to Army Radio. A few weeks ago Judge Beinish met with leaders in the world of electronic media and explained the need for abiding by the propaganda broadcast laws. Channel 2 later turned to Beinish for permission to broadcast the Netanyahu segment. "I informed [Channel 2] that they were required to use their judgment to ensure that the [Netanyahu] segment would not border on election propaganda," Beinish said in her ruling. But she also noted that the broadcast was not as severely biased as the Likud's petition had made it out to be.