Charges against 'abused' teen dropped

Prosecutors won't charge Karmiel boy who was allegedly gang-raped in jail.

Northern District State prosecutors dropped all charges on Wednesday against a 17-year-old American-Israeli youth allegedly subjected to police abuse and repeated gang rape at the Kishon prison near Haifa, while being temporarily held in custody last November.
"A strong sense of justice has finally entered into my heart," Lior, the teenager's father, told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday. "This is only the beginning of more justice that needs to happen, but it is a big first step," he added.
Lior said the family could now focus on the trial against theteenager's alleged attackers in prison, and follow the progress of thePolice Investigations Department, which is investigating allegationsthat Karmiel police officers struck the youth, and which has said thatpreliminary findings indicate that the teen's complaint was justified.
Last month, prosecutors were given 30 days by a Krayot court toconsider a request to drop all charges against the youth, and theKnesset's Interior Affairs and Environment Committee called on thestate prosecution to drop all charges.
"I am asking the state prosecution to close this case. This youth doesnot have faith in state institutions. Take this minimal step,” saidCommittee Chairman MK David Azulai during the meeting.