Children's book writer Miriam Rut dies at 96

The children's book writer Miriam Rut died Saturday night at the age of 96. Rut, who won the Bialik Prize, wrote the beloved children's books "A Story of Five Balloons, "Yael's House", and "Hot Corn." She was one of the leading writers, researchers and lecturers on the subject of children's literature in the Hebrew language. "Miriam was part of the old generation of writers who directly addressed children," said Yehuda Atlas, also a well-known children's writer. "Most of the writers today write for children in such a way that the parents will also understand, they also want to satisfy the parents and so they imbed pieces that have political, social, or other types of hints that only the parents will understand. Rut didn't consider the parents at all and wrote only for the child." Rut's granddaughter, Alon, said that "she wrote with emotion and love and never rested for an instant. Even when she could barely see, in the last year, she continued to write through her loyal assistant and thus continued to write all the time." Rut's funeral was scheduled for Sunday at 3:00 p.m. at the kibbutz cemetery at Sha'ar Hagolan.