Comptroller rebuts Hollander's attack

Feud between comptroller and civil service chief boils over.

lindenstrauss mean 298 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
lindenstrauss mean 298
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss and Civil Service Commissioner Shmuel Hollander met on Monday for the first time since their public feud over Lindenstrauss' semi-annual report. While officials voiced hope that the meeting in the Knesset's Comptroller Committee would calm tensions between the two, the meeting quickly turned bitter as the two exchanged barbs over the State Comptroller's Report, which was made public May 9.
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Hollander, who was named in the report as "accountable for inefficient and improper behavior," lashed out at Lindenstrauss for the "great personal damage done to me." "You have no idea what your allegations have done... my friends, family, everyone has been affected," said Hollander. "Do you know what my nine-year-old granddaughter has had to endure in her grade school? It is inexcusable." Lindenstrauss quickly rebuked Hollander with claims that it was Hollander himself who stirred the media frenzy over the report. Though the two were quickly silenced by Committee Chairman MK Yuri Stern they continued to take shots at each other throughout the proceedings. Hollander and Lindenstrauss became embroiled in a highly public spat over the State Comptroller's Report which cited Hollander for improper behavior in the Civil Service Commission. Last week, on the eve of the publication of the report, Lindenstrauss referred to a "problematic and very puzzling appointment" by the civil service commissioner. He also said he had lodged a complaint against Hollander and senior officials in the Civil Service Commission over attempts they allegedly made to suppress the report. "Over the past few months, regrettably, the commissioner used senior officials in his office to apply heavy pressure on employees of the State Comptroller's Office to prevent the publication of the report," Lindenstrauss charged. "They did not succeed."