Court: Drivers have right to explain when ticketed

Traffic citations given in a manner that did not allow the recipients to speak to authorities will be cancelled, according to a transportation court ruling handed down on Monday in Jerusalem. The decision arose after the case of a man who stopped his car in an illegal place when his 7-year-old daughter felt ill. The father tried to explain to the police officer his reason for stopping, but the cop told him "I'm sick of all the explanations." The judge, Avraham Tennenboim, wrote in his ruling that an interested party has the right to have his words heard. He mentioned the case of Cain and Abel, saying that God asked Cain where his brother was, even though he knew the answer. "What's good for God isn't good for a policeman?" The court cancelled the father's ticket and ordered the police to pay him NIS 200 to cover his legal expenses, Army Radio reported.
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