Court rejects appeal, releases Pearlman

Murder suspect released to house arrest despite police petition.

haim pearlman 2 311 (photo credit: screen shot)
haim pearlman 2 311
(photo credit: screen shot)
The Petah Tikva District Court decided to release Chaim Pearlman to house arrest for 15 days on Thursday, after rejecting police's appeal of the decision.
The court accepted one part of the appeal, forbidding Pearlman from contacting others involved in the case.
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Pearlman's lawyer, Adi Keidar, said that the evidence incriminating Pearlman is weak, and he will appeal to release Pearlman from house arrest.
Pearlman is expected to leave prison and head to his parents' home in Tekoa on Thursday.
Pearlman, of Beit Raban/Givat Washington near Yavne, was arrested on July 13 on suspicion of murdering several Palestinians and attempting to murder seven others
in Jerusalem in the late 1990s.
The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the Israel Police were dealt a serious blow on Wednesday when the Petah Tikva Magistrate’s Court ordered Pearlman released to house arrest.
Judge Nahum Sternlicht said there was not enough evidence to indict Pearlman, but delayed his release until Thursday.
In response to the court’s decision, the Shin Bet issued a rare statement in which it said that Pearlman was still the prime suspect in its investigation into the murders that occurred over 10 years ago.
“While we have not collected sufficient evidence to try him in court, Pearlman remains the prime suspect in the investigation,” the Shin Bet said. “We will use the resources at our disposal to investigate these serious cases, even if they happened more than 10 years ago.”
Ben Hartman and Yaakov Katz contributed to this report.