C'tee: 800 foreign workers' kids to stay

Yishai expected to reject report to keep most of children in Israel.

migrant workers children 311 (photo credit: Mya Guarnieri)
migrant workers children 311
(photo credit: Mya Guarnieri)
After years of public struggle, the inter-ministry committee dealing with the status of 1,200 children belonging to foreign workers living in Israel announced its recommendations to Interior Minister Eli Yishai on Friday.
On Friday morning, the committee concluded that the State should allow 800 children to remain in Israel and deporting 400 children who have been living in the country for the past five years.
RELATED:Crackdown on illegal foreign workers also targets employers‘Send them back where they came from’An official close to Yishai announced that the minister will not accept the inter-ministry recommendations and will request the government remove two-thirds of the children allow only 400 to remain. The official explained that, at best, Yishai will allow one-third of the children to remain in Israel, particularly those who will begin first grade in the coming year. 
The committee, which included representatives of the Interior, Education, Welfare, Justice and Finance ministries, recommended that Yishai keep all the children who are currently enrolled in the education system, are able to speak Hebrew, and have been living in Israel for at least five years. Furthermore, the committee advised that residence privileges should be granted to the families of the children allowed to remain as well. 
Yishai has not hidden his views and opinions on the matter of the children, and in a recent interview in Yom leyom, a Shas newsletter, he declared that he would evict all the children. 
After Yishai gives his final decision, it will be presented to the government for further approval.