Demonstrations "for Gaza and Sderot" on both sides of the fence

A convoy of about 100 private cars and 25 buses is currently on its way to the Erez crossing in a demonstration of solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza and the residents of Sderot, under the slogan: "Stop the siege on Gaza: A demonstration for Gaza and for Sderot." A demonstration under the same slogan will be held by Gazans inside the Strip. While the organizers, a coalition of left-wing movements, originally intended to hold the two demonstrations side by side on both sides of the security fence, this was prohibited by the army due to security considerations. The Israeli convoy was carrying food supplies purchased privately by participants, which they intended to transfer into Gaza in the next few days in coordination with authorities. "Civilians on both sides are victims of the conflict and we deplore any action against [them]," Adam Keller, one of the organizers, said. "We call for an immediate ceasefire between Hamas and the Israeli government, which was proposed by Hamas several times, and we call for an immediate cease of Israeli incursions and Palestinian shootings."