Dimona police celebrate "Arbor Day" bust, find Marijuana plants in garden

Police walking their beat in one of Dimona's residential neighborhoods noticed Wednesday a neatly planted garden - but upon looking a bit closer, the cops discovered that the plants seemed to be something quite different from the usual Tu B'shvat tree plantings. Only after they radioed their findings in to the station, and a detective team was deployed was it confirmed that the plants were, in fact, cannabis (marijuana). Police arrested the owner of the house where the garden was planted, and he confirmed that he had planted 18 marijuana plants - but that he planned to use them for personal use only. The unlucky farmer, it turned out, had already been sentenced to three years in prison on probation for a similar offense. After explaining to police that he was simply trying to avoid purchasing the illegal substance by producing his own, the man was remanded to two days in prison.