'Dmitri Oshrenko fought the attacker'

Police raid slain family

Oshrenkos 248.88 (photo credit: Channel 2)
Oshrenkos 248.88
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Preliminary results from the autopsies of the Oshrenko family, who were stabbed to death in their Rishon Lezion home on Saturday, suggest that the murder was committed by an outsider and not by one of the family members, Israel Radio reported on Sunday evening. The autopsy also suggested that Dimitri Oshrenko wrestled with the perpetrator. Ludmilla and Edward Oshrenko, both aged 56, Dimitri and Tatyana Oshrenko, 32 and 28, three-year-old Revital Oshrenko and three-month-old Natanel Oshrenko were laid to rest in the Givat Brener cemetery on Sunday afternoon. Along with relatives and friends, Tourism Minister Stas Meseznikov, who was a friend of the Oshrenkos, attended the funeral. Police detectives on Sunday raided the delicatessen of the Oshrenko family, and were interrogating employees, relatives and friends of the family, in an effort to clarify the relationships within the family and the circumstances leading to the incident. The family also owned two dance bars in Rishon Lezion and Ashdod, and these were expected to be visited by police officials. The family - two grandparents, two parents and two young children - had gathered on Friday evening to celebrate the older child's third birthday. They were stabbed in their home on Saturday and the place was set on fire. In Sunday's cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu expressed his shock at the murder. "I would like to express deep pain and shock over the horrifying murder of the members of the Oshrenko family. I am convinced that I speak for the entire public," Netanyahu told ministers. "I have asked Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch to update me on the progress of the investigation into solving this terrible act," he added.