Eilat father threatens school official

Man allegedly becomes abusive due to dispute over his son's school enrollment.

An Eilat man has been arrested for threatening the head of the city's Education Department with violence and verbally abusing her because of a dispute over his son's school enrollment. According to police, Moshe Biton entered the office of Miri Kopti, head of the Education Department for the Eilat Municipality, on Monday afternoon, with a view to convincing her to allow his younger son to attend the same school as his big brother. After being told that his older boy could transfer to the same school as his kid brother, but that the younger son cannot be moved, Biton became abusive, his charge sheet said. "You don't know who you're messing with," he allegedly said while making threatening gestures with his hands, after being asked to leave. "I'll catch you outside." Biton has been charged with making threats and disturbing the peace in a public place.