Eli Fahima indicted for double murder

Eli Fahima indicted for

Eli Fahima was indicted at the Tel Aviv District Court on Wednesday morning for the premeditated murder of Beatrice Rodov, 62, with whom he was romantically involved, and her daughter, Denise, 36. "Fahima made the decision to murder Beatrice and Denise in cold blood, without any provocation on their part," the indictment claims. After the murder, the accused dismembered the bodies of the two women, disposed of their corpses and tried to conceal the evidence, the indictment continued. The mutilated bodies were discovered separately in a Ramat Gan garbage can which had been set alight and in the Alexander River last month. In the days following the murder and up until his arrest on August 16, Fahima allegedly made every effort to conceal the evidence, including cleaning the Rodovs' apartment, disposing of several pieces of furniture and painting some of the walls. Fahima was also charged with theft and forgery, as he allegedly forged Beatrice Rodov's signature on a check. According to the indictment, he stole the check from his victim and then cashed it. The court extended Fahima's remand until mid-October. Fahima has denied all the allegations against him, claiming that Denise ran away from home after a heated argument with her mother. Beatrice left the apartment to search for her daughter, Fahima claims, and that was the last time he saw either woman. Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report