Embassy gunman taken to hospital

Injaz flashes victory sign, curses as taken away in police custody.

311_Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
311_Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Palestinian gunman Nadim Injaz has been evacuated from the Turkish embassy and brought into Israeli police custody Tuesday evening.
Injaz was swarmed by photographers and journalists as he was escorted by police into an ambulance outside the building and brought to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv for treatment of his gunshot wounds.
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Injaz was fully conscious as he left the building and flashed a victory sign for reporters as he cursed profusely while he was taken away.
No others were hurt in the standoff incident and no hostages had been taken, police confirmed.
Because the embassy building is considered Turkish sovereign territory, the acts committed by Injaz during and immediately preceding the standoff are not legally punishable in Israel. Instead, Israeli police have arrested Injaz under suspicion of illegally residing in Israel due to his lack of proper identification papers.
Injaz gained entry to the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening, claimed he was armed, and demanded safe passage to Ankara, before being injured by a gunshot apparently fired by embassy security staff.  Conflicting reports emerged about how he was able to gain access the premises.
Turkish reporters from television channel "TRT – Turk", who were inside the embassy after Injaz was taken for medical treatment, reported that embassy staff said the man had entered the building by climbing through a second floor window; an area that is reportedly a blind spot for the building's security.
TRT Turk reported that Injaz then went directly to the first counselor of the embassy and sought asylum from the Turkish government, saying his life was in danger. Because he was in the building after operating hours, security was immediately called in order to remove him from the building. Injaz was shot after he reportedly refused to leave the building started acting in an inappropriate manner. TRT Turk also said they had heard reports that psychiatric drugs were found in Injaz's bag.
They also said that were reports that when security guards made their way upstairs to remove Injaz, he attempted to take the First Counselor hostage.
Police said he was involved in a similar incident at the British embassy in Tel Aviv in 2006.