Expert demands UNSC halt IDF stikes in Gaza

An outspoken United Nations expert on the Palestinian territories said Wednesday the UN Security Council must take immediate action against IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip or suffer a serious blow to its credibility. John Dugard, a South African lawyer who has previously criticized alleged Israeli human rights atrocities, said IDF operations in Gaza since June have resulted in more than 300 deaths, including many civilians, and over 1,000 wounded. He accused Israel of large-scale devastation of public facilities and private homes, destroying Palestinian farms, disrupting hospitals and schools, and denying people access to electricity, water and food. "The Security Council has failed to adopt any resolution on the subject or attempt to restore peace to the region," Dugard said. "The time has come for urgent action on the part of the Security Council. Failure to act at this time will seriously damage the reputation of the Security Council." Israel immediately rejected the statement released by the United Nations in Geneva.