Eyal Arad sues MK Zvi Hendel for NIS 1 million

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's adviser Eyal Arad filed an NIS 1 million lawsuit in Tel Aviv Magistrates Court on Tuesday against National Union-National Religious Party MK Zvi Hendel. Arad wrote in the lawsuit that Hendel put words in his mouth that he didn't say when Hendel said in a February 2 press conference that "Arad told a friend on the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria that his job was to make sure the public hated settlers more than it hated the terrorists." Arad said the fact that no one on the council has confirmed that he said such a thing was proof that he didn't say it. He also requested that Hendel keep the commitment he made in the press conference "to quit the Knesset" if what he said was not true. Hendel called the lawsuit a publicity stunt and said that he stood by his statements.