Famous mystic rabbi prays at Sharon's bedside

Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri, and his father, leading Jewish mystic David Batzri, prayed at Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's bedside. Sharon's family asked the rabbis to visit and pray for his recovery, Yitzhak Batzri said. "We saw the greatest doctors standing beside him and watching over him all the time and trying to treat him," he told Israel Radio. "He is unconscious as everyone knows and the small happiness that we have is that we saw the family is strong, the family believes, the family is praying and hoping." While reciting the prayer the prophet Moses said over his sister Miriam's sickbed, Rabbi David Batzri held Sharon's hand to direct his prayer toward him, Yitzhak Batzri said. Then the Batzris prayed with Sharon's son, Gilad. "He lays as every sick person lays in this situation with a respirator, and the doctors are around him. The doctors are standing around him, the greatest doctors, always sitting and checking every movement," Batzri said, calling on Israelis to pray for Sharon's recovery.