Feiglin: The Likud began to fall in polls when I was forced to 36 on list

One day after receiving a phone call from Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu in which the elections front-runner encouraged his political rival within his party to assist in the campaign effort, Moshe Feiglin said that despite the mixed feelings between the two politicians, the call did not surprise him "When the danger of [Israel Beiteinu chairman Avigdor] Lieberman [surfaced], [the Likud] looked to see what cards they had [to woo the Right]," he said. Feiglin added that he was not surprised to see the Likud drop in the polls, and he attributed the slide to his removal from a realistic spot on the party list. "We all know when the Likud began to fall," he said. "The moment I was in a good spot, the Likud jumped to 40 mandates, but when I dropped," so did the Likud. In the Likud primaries, Feiglin was originally elected into the 19th spot on the list, but was forced into the 36th spot due to legalities raised by Netanyahu supporters.