Fertility doctors return to Israel

Fertility doctors return

Two fertility doctors who had been held in Romanian custody landed in Israel on Thursday, after their investigation there came to its end, and on condition that they would return to Bucharest if so requested. Prof. Nathan Levitt and Dr. Genya Ziskind were among 30 people arrested in Bucharest in late July on suspicion of paying Romanian women for donating their eggs to the Israel-owned Sabyc fertility clinic. Some of the donors, according to local media, were 15-year-old girls. After bail was posted, the two were released from custody, but were banned from leaving Romania. They were then re-arrested after an alleged attempt to escape the country and obstruct the local investigation into the suspected illegal activities of the clinic. According to a Romanian daily, the Sabyc fertility clinic was executing at least 2,000 artificial inseminations, each priced between 8,000 and 10,000 euros. The report said that the Bucharest-based clinic's earnings were estimated at around 20 million euros altogether. Levitt had denied that the clinic was in breach of Romanian law, maintaining that all necessary approvals for operating the clinic had been received in due time as requested by the authorities.