Fight between neighbors claims life in Galilee

Twice over the weekend, fights among neighbors ended in shootings. In one of the two unrelated incidents, the gun battle turned deadly as one person was killed and another two hospitalized in the aftermath. A brawl burst out among neighbors in the Lower Galilee town of Yafia early Friday evening. Police received a report that shots were fired, and upon arriving on the scene, discovered that three people had been injured and were in need of urgent medical attention. The police cleared the way for MDA teams to come and evacuate the three, who were taken to Nazareth's English Hospital. One of the victims died of his injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital, and the other two remained hospitalized - one in moderate condition and the second in good condition. Witnesses told police that the fight erupted as the result of a disagreement between two neighbors - a Christian family and a Muslim family - over the path between their two houses. Two brothers were arrested by police under suspicion of murder. In a separate incident on Saturday, a disagreement among neighbors in Safed ended in shots being fired. One person was injured and assessed as in good to moderate condition. The man who opened fire, a Safed resident in his fifties, was arrested, and his weapon seized. On Friday night, Holon's Wolfson Hospital contacted police after admitting a 24-year-old who was listed in good condition after suffering gunshot injuries. Initial investigation indicated that the man was apparently shot on Jaffa's Rehov Ben Adia.