Filipino businesswoman sponsors giant flag of Israel

Filipino businesswoman Sister Grace Galindez-Gupana wanted to show her unique affection towards Israel and the people of Zion so she ordered and financed for Israel the world's biggest flag to be the twin flag to the current world's biggest flag - the flag of the Philippines. Six people sewed the super-flag in three weeks of work. The flag, 100 meters-long (328 feet), 200 meters wide (656 feet) and weighs about 5,200 kg (11,464 lbs), was displayed beside a Philippino flag of the exact same size on the shore of the Dead Sea, Sunday, to mark 50 years of relations between the two countries. Representatives of The Guinness Book of World Records measured the flag, which will soon be announced as the world's largest flag. The festive unfurling ceremony took place in Masada's airport site in the presence of Sister Galindez-Gupana, the Filipino general consul in Israel and the Tourism Ministry's general director Shaul Tzemcah.