Former MK Sa'adia Marciano dies at 58

Left-wing MK and Black Panthers activist devoted recent years to helping drug-addicted youths.

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Social activist and former MK Sa'adia Marciano died in Jerusalem, Friday. He was 58 years old. Marciano was one of the founders of the "Black Panthers" movement, a popular 1970s movement that protested the plight of weaker sectors in the country - especially those of non-European descent - and the state's treatment of them. Marciano, born in Oujda, Morocco, was a member of the SHELY party that ran in the 1977 general elections. The party was a union of several leftwing parties and members of the Black Panthers movement. As an MK, Marciano was a member of the Labor and Welfare Committee and the Education Committee. He withdrew from SHELY in 1980 and established a faction named Equality in Israel - Panthers, which later changed its name to The Union Party for Promoting and Educating Israeli Society. He left the Knesset in 1981. Lately Marciano was active in helping drug-addicted youths kick the habit. His funeral will take place Friday at 1:00 p.m. The funeral procession will begin at the Shamgar Funeral Home.