Gal-On: Knesset must not grant president immunity

MK Zehava Gal-On (Meretz) declared Thursday at the Knesset session on President Moshe Katsav's request for temporary suspension that it was the Knesset's responsibility not to grant the president immunity. Gal-On, one of the initiators of a petition to have the president impeached, said that anyone who voted in favor of Katsav's request was effectively giving his accusers - at least four women who say the president committed varying degrees of sexual assault - a slap in the face. She added that "not only is Katsav, the man," on the stand, "but the honor of the institution of the presidency." The Meretz MK also accused Knesset legal adviser Nurit Elstein of misrepresenting the impeachment case whens she said earlier that it would take six weeks. Gal-On insisted that there was no clause in the Basic Law setting a particular amount of time, and that it was possible to bring the move to the Knesset plenum as early as Monday.