Gawi family tent dismantled in Sheikh Jarrah

Jerusalem Police on Tuesday morning removed a tent in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah that had served as the living quarters for the Gawi family – one of two families that was evicted from its home in the neighborhood in August after lengthy court battles with Jewish claimants to the properties.
A Jerusalem Municipality statement confirmed that the tent, which had been erected on the sidewalk, had been removed because “it was in violation of the law due to the obstruction it caused and the danger it posed to pedestrians.”
Tensions in the neighborhood have remained high since the two evictionsover the summer, the subsequent entry of Jewish families into theevicted homes, and the entry of an additional Jewish family into asection of the second, al-Kurd family home, in November.
Additionally, weekly protests against such evictions in theneighborhood have swelled in recent months to include hundreds ofIsraelis, and allegations of stron-armed police tactics during thoseprotests have led to condemnations from left-wing groups.