Girl, 15, allegedly raped by own parents

Victim tells police her mother held her down while her father performed the act.

rape victim 88 (photo credit: )
rape victim 88
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A Beit She'an couple was arrested on Sunday morning for allegedly participating in the rape of their 15-year-old daughter. According to the girl's testimony, her parents got severely drunk, and then her mother held her down while her father removed her clothes and raped her. All this took place, the girl said, with her three-year-old brother in the room. Police arrested the parents shortly after the girl filed a complaint, and transferred the girl and her brother to social services. Over the weekend, social services had called the police to report that the girl's parents were refusing to open the door to their apartment for her. Police who arrived on the scene were not admitted, either, and were forced to climb in through the window. The parents were remanded later at the Nazareth Magistrate's Court.