Girl admits to fabricating Tel Aviv rape story

19-year-old had claimed man locked her up, raped her.

A Tel Aviv man who had been arrested on suspicion of locking a 19-year-old in his apartment and raping her was released on Sunday after the teen admitted to fabricating the story. A criminal case was opened against the girl, a Netivot resident, and she was released on bail after being arrested. She had told police that she met the man over the Internet, and agreed to pay him a visit in his north Tel Aviv apartment at the weekend. Minutes after arriving, she had said, the man tried to force himself upon her, and after she pushed him away, he locked her up in a room and raped her. She claimed that she managed to escape after three days on Sunday night, while the man was showering. Police arrested the man in his home after the girl filed a complaint against him, and he denied the allegations. After questioning the girl, detectives said that some of the things she had said didn't quite add up, and they called her back for a further session on Monday. There she admitted to making up the story, saying she did so because the man threw a flower she had given him back at her and swore at her.