Guards, detainees clash at Ofer Prison

IPS confirms 7 inmates, 3 staff members injured as 150 prisoners fight with guards; two tents set ablaze.

police 248.88 (photo credit: AP)
police 248.88
(photo credit: AP)
Clashes broke out between Palestinian inmates and Israeli guards at the Ofer Prison near Ramallah on Saturday. Palestinian Authority deputy minister of prisoner affairs, Ziad Abu Ein, said guards were carrying out an inspection when the clashes erupted. He said the guards used sound grenades, tear gas and clubs, adding that eight prisoners were injured. The Israeli Prison Service confirmed seven inmates suffered minor smoke inhalation and three guards were injured during the clashes. The difference in numbers could not be immediately rectified. According to reports, the guards had tried to search the tents in which the inmates sleep. The prisoners refused, and immediately began to throw objects at the guards. During the violence which ensued, two tents were burnt down. The Prison Service said about 150 prisoners took part in the fighting, and that the situation is now under control. The prison holds over a thousand Palestinian security prisoners.