Gunman wounded in embassy standoff

Palestinian in Turkish embassy "threatened to blow up building."

Turkish Embassy 311 (photo credit: Channel 10)
Turkish Embassy 311
(photo credit: Channel 10)
A Palestinian man gained entry to the Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening, claimed he was armed, and demanded safe passage to Ankara, before being injured by a gunshot apparently fired by Embassy security staff.
The man has been named as Nadim Injaz, of Ramallah. Police said he was involved in a similar incident at the British embassy in Tel Aviv in 2006.
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Injaz threatened to use a firearm and flammable liquids, according to reports, before being shot in the leg by Embassy security staff and lightly injured.
Police counter-terrorism forces and Magen David Adom paramedics converged outside the building, but were not allowed entry by the Embassy, as the building is considered Turkish sovereign territory.
As helicopters circled outside the Turkish embassy building in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, Foreign Ministry officials attempted to coordinate assistance to the embassy.
Conflicting reports emerged about Injaz's identity and background following the incident. One of the men's associates told Israel Radio that the suspect feared he was being pursued Israeli and Palestinian intelligence services because, he believes, he has information that could "bring down several senior Palestinian Authority officials."
Channel 2 first claimed Injaz was a former collaborator with Israel from Ramallah, who had been pressured by the Shin Bet into trying to kill Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti. Since he refused to do so, he claimed, the Shin Bet has been seeking his demise. Recently, it left him at a West Bank crossing point, but he refused to cross into PA-controlled territory, fearing he would be killed there.
But Channel 2 later said the suspect's claims regarding Barghouti and the Shin Bet were baseless.
The media outlet played what it said was a recording of him telephoning its reporter earlier Thursday from inside the Turkish embassy, where he had gone to seek asylum. He said in the call that he had taken two people hostage and threatened to blow up the embassy, claiming he had explosives with him.
Sounding emotionally unstable, he denounced “the murderous Jews,” the “murderous Abu Mazen,” and other corrupt Palestinian leaders who he said were stealing money from the Palestinian people, and urged Turkey to save him.
Injaz, broke into the British embassy in a similar incident four years ago, saying he was a former Israeli informant who had been abandoned by the Israeli handlers, and threatened to shoot himself if he was not given asylum in a European country.
The gun he was holding turned out to be made of plastic.
Outside the Turkish embassy on Tuesday evening, police spokeswoman Sigal Toledo said that the man had arrived at the embassy, passed a security check outside, and was admitted into the building. Some time after that, a single shot was heard from inside the embassy.
"As far as we know, he was shot in the leg. At the moment, the Turkish embassy staff are refusing any sort of help," Toledo added.
Over a dozen police vehicles and tens of officers including a contingent of riot police patrolled outside the embassy on Rehov Hayarkon.