Halutz says Lebanon conflict 'definite victory'

The conflict in Lebanon ended with an Israeli victory, though not a knockout, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz said on Sunday Among other things, Israel battered the infrastructure of Lebanon's Hizbullah guerrillas, he said. "Tallying up the points, it is definitely a victory, perhaps not a knockout, but in terms of achievements, it is (a victory)," Halutz was quoted as saying by participants in the Cabinet meeting. Others consider the outcome of the 34-day war that ended with a cease-fire Monday to be murkier than Halutz suggested. Hizbullah was not crushed, and their disarmament appears questionable. Their standing in the Arab world is stronger than it was when the war began, and Iranian and Syrian patrons who supply the group with arms remain committed. What's more, Israel failed to win the release of two soldiers captured by Hizbullah in the opening shot of the war.