Heavy fog at Ben Gurion reroutes, delays flights

Heavy fog at Ben Gurion Airport forced four flights scheduled to land at the airport to be rerouted due to heavy fog to land at the Uvda Airport near Eilat since 4:30 a.m., Army Radio reported. Passengers from an Italian Alitalia plane from Rome were transferred at Uvda to a Dutch KLM Airlines plane from Amsterdam and returned empty to Italy without boarding passengers at Ben Gurion Airport. A Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt and an Iberian Airlines flight from Spain were also rerouted to the Uvda airport, while a Swiss Air flight was rerouted to land in Cyprus. An Olympic Airlines flight from Greece, a Hungarian flight and a Czech flight were cancelled, returning in midair to their countries of origin. Three flights that were due to depart from Tel Aviv to Athens, Prague and London were cancelled as well. The meteorological service reported that the fog was expected to completely clear by Saturday afternoon.