High Court: E-Ram fence is vital to Israeli security

Panel rejects petitions by civil rights groups against constructing security barrier segment around north Jerusalem neighborhood.

map of security fence ar (photo credit: B'Tselem)
map of security fence ar
(photo credit: B'Tselem)
The High Court on Wednesday rejected a petition by civil rights organizations against the construction of a security fence segment by north Jerusalem's E-Ram neighborhood. The panel of nine justices, headed by former Supreme Court president Aharon Barak, ruled that although the presence of the security fence would interfere with residents' freedom of movement, the absence of a fence would harm the security of Israel. The ruling acknowledged that the fence would make it difficult for Palestinian residents to earn an income and reach schools, health clinics, and family on the other side of the fence. However, the court noted that the fence would require residents to undergo security inspections on a daily basis, and that while this would perhaps cause the villagers undue inconvenience, it would also serve to protect Israeli citizens.