Holon man murdered over parking spot

Suspect says deceased stabbed him in the face with his car keys; neighbor: "People murder over nothing."

crime scene 88 (photo credit: )
crime scene 88
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A 29-year-old man was stabbed to death and his friend was lightly wounded in Holon on Tuesday. According to police, the man was murdered after an argument broke out over a parking spot. Police detained a 35-year-old suspect, who admitted to the murder but claimed that he acted in self-defense. A Holon Municipality patrol team was first to arrive on the scene, a makeshift trailer compound called "Givat Holon," on the southern side of the city. They detained the suspect until large police forces from the Ayalon Precinct arrived and recovered the bloodied murder weapon. "During an argument between the deceased and his friend and a neighbor, the neighbor pulled out a knife and stabbed the two. As a result, the owner of the car was killed and his friend was lightly wounded," police said. The police investigation showed that the deceased arrived in his car to visit his friend and parked the vehicle in a manner that obstructed the entrance to the attacker's home. The attacker then punctured the car's tires, and when the owner of the car and his friend confronted him, a heated argument ensued. The attacker has a criminal record for larceny and public disorder offenses. "People commit murder over nothing these days," the mother of the victim's friend told reporters. "People commit murder over a dog, people kill over girls, today they murdered [somebody] because of a parking spot." "The deceased was a charming man who only came to visit my son. We are a good family and have no links to crime," she said. As he was being led into a police car, the suspect told reporters: "You should have photographed the guy who came into my house. He came into my house and stabbed me in the face with his car keys. I stabbed him out of self defense."