Home Front Command head satisfied with performance during war

Home Front Command head Maj.-Gen. Yitzhak Gershon told the Winograd Committee that although there were definitely problems with his command during the Second Lebanon War, overall he "was at peace with himself" regarding their performance. "I am at peace with myself with relation to the preparations of the home front command for the war we experienced, as well as the performance of the command during the war," Gershon said in testimony released for publication Thursday. Gershon told the committee he did not feel it was his place to organize an orderly civilian evacuation of the north, Walla reported. "It [residents fleeing] happened during the first Gulf war and it always happens. It comes up in general staff meetings, whether to initiate an evacuation and I say it is not worth getting involved in those civilian processes during the first stages." He said it was more his job to supervise the rescue operation for a collapsed building. Gershon did not dispute "the fact that there were breakdowns in the command, between the arms and between organizations." Gershon also criticized the media. Without bringing any specific examples, he said "During a time of war, you want the media to serve you and not the enemy."