Home Front Command to use gyms as treatment centers for chemical attack victims

Home Front Command to us

The IDF's Home Front Command has in recent months been preparing an emergency plan to use gyms across the country as alternatives to hospitals to treat victims in the event of a chemical missile attack. A Home Front Command source told The Jerusalem Post that any missile attack on Israel - conventional or not - would likely lead to hospitals being flooded with victims and concerned members of the public, and to a collapse of emergency health services, leading to the idea of using gyms as back-up treatment centers. "These are places that already have rooms that can be used to divide incoming patients in line with the extent of their injuries," the source said. "They are well-kept, clean, with sanitized bathrooms. And everyone knows where they are," he added. The plan is being overseen by the Home Front Command's chief medical officer Col. Dr. Ariel Bar, together with the Health Ministry. Gym owners and managers asked to take part in the preparations had been extremely cooperative and understanding after being, the Home Front Command added. Although the announcement of the emergency program comes at a time of increased tensions with Iran, the Home Front Command "is not directing its preparations at the Iranian threat but is preparing the civilian sector for all forms of emergencies, including earthquakes," the source stressed. "This is the tip of the iceberg - much work is being carried out to prepare the population," he said.