Hundreds protest in TA deportation of 400 migrants' kids

Demonstrators hold signs calling saying "All the children are staying" and "Deport Eli Yishai," in reactions to minister's anti-illegals comments.

foreign workers' kids 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
foreign workers' kids 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Tel Aviv on Tuesday to protest the government's decision to expel 400 illegal workers' children from Israel.
The protesters held signs declaring that "All the children are staying" and "Deport Eli Yishai."
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Earlier on Tuesday, Interior Minister Eli Yishai defended his decision to deport foreign workers and their children, saying that only a fraction of illegal residents of Israel are effected by his decision.
"There are 20,000 children living illegally in Israel today, not just 400," Yishai said. "Hundreds of children who should be deported are from Tel Aviv, and we've only been talking about them because they go to school."
In an interview with Army Radio, Yishai said "they hide, because they know that Israelis will defend them, but we have their names."
He added that the decision to deport them came from a committee of professionals. "I wouldn't leave even one family here. We're not deporting children; rather, we're returning them, with their parents, to the countries they come from."