IAF general grounded after plane accident

Reserve Maj.-Gen. Gil Regev was instructing cadet as plane hit building before takeoff; IAF probing.

IAF Zukit 224.88 (photo credit: IDF [file])
IAF Zukit 224.88
(photo credit: IDF [file])
Former OC Human Resources Maj.-Gen. (res.) Gil Regev was grounded last week after a plane he was in with an IAF cadet hit a building in the Hazerim airbase before taking off, Ma'ariv reported on Monday. As a result of the accident, the wing of the Zukit aircraft [Fouga Magister] was damaged. Neither of the plane's passengers was hurt. Regev, whose reserve duty is as a flight instructor, is a decorated fighter pilot, who downed two enemy planes during the Yom Kippur War. Military investigators believe the accident, which they said both Regev and the cadet bear responsibility for, was a result of a lapse in concentration. The commander of the Hazerim airbase decided to ground the general until receiving the final findings of the probe into the incident. Regev served in a series of commanding positions in the IAF. His last position in the army was as head of human resources. He left the military in 2004.