IAI readies Paris defense exhibition

Official: "IAI has loads of operational experience in ground warfare."

arrow launch 224 88 iai (photo credit: IAI [file])
arrow launch 224 88 iai
(photo credit: IAI [file])
The Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) began putting the final touches on the exhibition it plans to unveil next Monday at the Eurosatory trade show in Paris, Europe's largest exhibition for land and land-air defense industries. The highlight of the exhibition will be the Twister system - a net-centric command-and-control system designed to manage multiple missions by joint forces. The system is designed to assist commanders and their staff in planning and executing time-critical complex missions while integrating airborne UAVs, unmanned ground sensors as well as naval and ground forces. Twister will be demonstrated in conjunction with the Multi-System Intelligence System (MSIS) which, using various sensors, processes the collected information and passes it on to the relevant authority. "IAI has loads of technological information and operational experience in ground warfare," said Yair Ramati, head of marketing for IAI. "Modern militaries will in the future utilize robotics and automated platforms and IAI will be prepared for this move." IAI, which will display its wares at the exhibition together with over 20 Israeli companies, also plans to demonstrate a new approach to combat situations in low-intensity conflicts (LIC). In addition, IAI will present its Guardium unmanned all-terrain vehicle alongside some of its latest airborne UAVs.