IBA extends period for job applications

The IBA has extended the application period to appoint three key executives whose implementation of change will facilitate the carrying out of much needed reforms within the IBA. The three positions are all of the same rank, albeit in different areas: deputy managers for finances, technology and human resources. The IBA Management Committee says that it is crucial to get the right people to fill these positions, thereby implying that none of the applicants to date were up to par. The deputy manager for finances is expected to build a new financial structure within the IBA, which will take into account management, accounting, budgetary planning and the development of a control system for finances, acquisitions and assets. The deputy manager for technology will be responsible for everything within the IBA that depends on technology, including upgrading, innovating and creating a more efficient system. The deputy manager for human resources will develop new norms in employer/employee relations, will negotiate with union representatives and representatives of organizations dedicated to workers' interests, define the nature of jobs, develop better training facilities and clarify the ways in which work performance will be measured.