IDF continuing Gaza Strip operations

"Despite Kassams, terror organizations' capabilities have been diminished."

kaplinski 88 (photo credit: )
kaplinski 88
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Deputy Chief of General Staff Maj.-Gen. Moshe Kaplinski said on Monday evening that the IDF was continuing its operations in the area of Beit Hanun in the Gaza Strip, an area notorious for allowing terrorists freedom of movement. He confirmed, at a daily briefing on the IDF's activities, that Golani troops had killed eight Palestinian operatives "Kassam rockets have continued to rain down on Israel but the capabilities of the terror organizations have been diminished," Kaplinski said. On Lebanon, the deputy chief of staff said that the IDF would continue to operate "from the air, sea and land" in its operations to weaken Hizbullah - "a violent and aggressive movement." Kaplinski went onto call Hizbullah an "organization that pretends to be defending Lebanon but is destroying it instead," adding that that Israel would create a "new reality" in the Middle East. He stressed that Israel had no intention of entering into a conflict with Syria or of harming Lebanon's citizens.