IDF investigates woman's death

Palestinians claim that troops shot, killed woman near Kissufim Crossing.

idf 88 (photo credit: )
idf 88
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The IDF has launched an investigation to determine whether a Palestinian shepherdess was killed by IDF gunfire or other causes, on Monday afternoon near the old Kissufim crossing in central Gaza. The woman was identified as Fatima Abu Musaed, 25, Palestinian media reports claimed she had been shot twice.
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Soldiers manning a position over half a kilometer from the site, spotted the shepherdess tending her herd, approaching a restricted area. The soldiers fired warning shots,aiming in a different direction to where the woman was sited. Shortly after, the army received a report from the Palestinians that the woman had fainted and been taken to hospital in Gaza. Later, Palestinian officials informed the army that the woman was dead. They claimed that the layers of clothes she wore hid the fact that she had been shot. According to sources in the Southern Command, the investigation will attempt to determine whether a second woman who was not spotted by soldiers at the time of the incident, was in the area, and accidentally shot. The probe will also focus on whether the woman who died in a Gaza hospital, was the same woman spotted approaching the restricted area, and if the cause of death was indeed IDF gunfire. Meanwhile in the West Bank, a Palestinian youth was arrested by soldiers manning a position near Hebron's Machpela Cave, after he was caught carrying a knife. The youth was handed over to security officials for questioning.